Seriously Cozy

It doesn't really take more words to describe the mission of our "members only" business club. First of all, we are serious . That could hardly be otherwise with that Roman deity for trade in our name. Mercury. That sounds robust, decisive. A perfect nod to the Antwerp grandeur that saw the light of day in the 16th century. Antwerp as a European metropolis, as an authority in the cultural and economic field. It is precisely this atmosphere that the Mercurius Manor exudes: a refined interior, excellent service and exquisite French-Italian gastronomy.

This brings us seamlessly to the conviviality that our experience offers: relax and enjoy, catch up with acquaintances and colleagues, be inspired in an environment that radiates class and perfectly suited for networking.

You will undoubtedly soon find that both extremes merge beautifully with each visit. We are looking forward to meeting you.


Uw doorscrollen verraadt uw interesse. En terecht. Als nieuw opgerichte gentlemen’s club willen we onze leden omringen met aanstekelijke topkwaliteit. De keuze om ons te vestigen in het historische centrum van Antwerpen, vlakbij het Hansahuis, het Stadhuis en De Ruien, behoeft dan ook geen betoog.

Het interieur en de bijbehorende faciliteiten spreiden dezelfde weelderigheid tentoon en zijn in de Londense businessclubstijl die u inmiddels reeds vermoedde: lederen zitgelegenheden, een restaurant, twee bars, een sigarensectie, een pooltafel, een afgesloten vergaderruimte en een aparte zaal voor stijlvolle recepties, meetings, apero’s en bedrijfsevenementen. Mogelijkheden legio om indruk te maken op uw zakelijk netwerk of even te ontspannen, dus.

The Mercurius restaurant serves French-Italian lunch dishes with a focus on fresh, refined products. You can taste that immediately. Our menu follows the seasons closely, which means that there is always something to discover. In addition, the kitchen team is also responsible for catering at the aforementioned happenings and for a generous coffee table to be enjoyed by our member or invitees.

Each thursday member evenings are organized as well as monthly lectures, presentations, tastings and other activities, all described in our activity calendar.


Join our guild.

Both the Mercurius Manor and its services and activities are only accessible to registered members or their guests and visitors. No access can be granted without a membership card or guest pass.

To guarantee the quality of our membership base and the atmosphere in our Manor, there is an application procedure . Each prospective member must pass to become a member. The new member's profile is presented to each existing member, who will approve or refuse the new membership. Depending on that vote, final approval or disapproval is given.

The application procedure can be started online via the button below.